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Reverse Bungy

Zip-Rush designs your adventure park and build it from the ground up. You can trust our close to twenty years of experience with over 50 builds on 5 continents backing it up.

The ride is absolutely terrifying for some and absolutely fun for all.

Stand on the launching platform with the anxiety of this moment when you are catapulted into the sky.  A must have for all adventure parks

Price :

Natural Reverse Bungee attached to trees  $25 000 

Artificial Reverse Bungee on steel structure $30,000 

Mega Swing

Spider Web

The Spider Web or Net Course is the new trend in ropes course design.  The giant net covers the entire play area and protects the users from falls while making it super fun.

With only one operator, It is suitable from kids to adults and accomodate much more users at one given time than a classic ropes course, making it much more profitable.

We adapt our design to the topography and to your requests, so that, together, we can built your dream project

There is not limit yet to how high, how fast and how scary the Mega-Swing can be; this is why we like it so much here at Zip-Rush.

We have build it outdoors and outdoors with a maximum height of up to fifteen meters and these experiences has allow us to perfect the technique and hardware used for absolute safety and reliability.

Our next goal is to jump off a cliff no matter how high it can be. Would you be the first to jump?

 A magical course where you will discover and explore the elves’ village in the trees, which includes suspended walkways, toboggans and cabins.

This activity is suitable for children from the age of 3, provided they are accompanied by an adult until the age of 12/13. This makes the activity attractive to a wide range of clients.

Each cabin is personalised around a specific theme: music, the senses, the theme of your park…

Hobbit Village

Nothing like walking to the edge of the void, gathering the courage to jump and feel the adrenaline rush of a free fall.

The POWERFAN is a highly engineered machine manufactured by Dropzone (UK) Ltd is able to provide the freefall adventure of your life, in safety and without needing to deploy a parachute or strap yourself by the ankle to a bungee cord! 

The quickJump Free Fall Device provides an exciting element with high throughput and low operational costs to operators of amusement parks.

Free Fall Experiences

Climbing Stuctures

Modular High Ropes

Ropes Course

Climbing structure are a great addition to any zipline and/or rope course operation.  

They have many different uses: from team and individual challenge, serve as a launch for a ziplines or a Powerfan and  are designed and engineered to the meet the specific need and goals of client.

Climbing structures can be installed outdoors and indoors, to best utilize resources already on site and to add revenues, A multi-purpose climbing structure can easily become to focus point of your adventure park.

Designed originally for the project in Balaclava, Ukraine, this ropes course turned out to be the favorite activity at this now world class facility.  

The modular parts makes this design easy to upgrade to any size and shape. 

As always, we take great care in making sure our products are safe and reliable. This is why all belay and element cables are up to the PRCA standards.

Ropes Courses are the perfect match to a zipline tour or as stand alone activity. It will add two or even three hours to your tour and increase your incomes dramatically.

 We offer ropes courses in trees, utility poles or metal post. You can choose from hundreds of different configurations.

We focuses on safety throughout every phase of design and execution and we strictly adheres to the ACCT and PRCA standards  We go even further by setting up our own of product tests and procedures, seeking out the highest quality possible.

Adventure Parks

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