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Zipline Cables

A good quality cable is a must on any high end commercial zipline, that's why our cables of choice are from Italy.  Italian cables are known worldwide to be some of the best.  These cables such as the Lock Coil or Flexpack have higher minimum braking strength, thus increasing the safety factor of your ride.  

Some cables will have a phase one stretch more accentuated than others so according to the design of your ride, it may be quite helpful to choose a pre-stressed cables to avoid further tensioning and down time.  Just imagine your ride... let us realize it!

Cable Termination Hardware 

The Crosby Group was conceived with a long range goal to develop into a single source for accessories used in the lifting and material handling industry with the highest levels of quality control available. Through a creative program of product development and aggressive acquisitions of market-leading lines, Crosby began its growth. The current experience level of our employees has been many years in the making. 

Quality - Priority One
When you read the statement "Crosby or Equal" on a contract, you owe it to yourself and the personnel that will be using the product to determine what it means to be "Or Equal." Crosby has several "Value-Added" features that must be compared when trying to find the"Or Equal" product. "When buying Crosby, you 're buying more than product, you're buying Quality." This phrase is more than a slogan. It is our mission. In addition to providing products of Uncompromising Quality, every service that we offer is performed with the integrity and sincerity you have come to expect from The Crosby Group. Each and every employee gives you the best quality available in all that they do. 

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