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The safe operation of a zip line and/or rope course requires knowledge and commitment from every person involved in its functioning, including the owner, site manager and guides.  For this reason, it is imperative to implement safety standards, teach the correct use of the equipment, get to know thoroughly the facilities, and perform periodic reviews. 

Another key point is to chose a responsible and courteous staff members and train them to provide customers with attention and kindness and in a responsible manner.

We offer operational training for all facilities that we develop. Additionally, we provide a customized training session in addition to a manual that summarizes all different aspects (strategies, procedures, techniques, maintenance, etc.) seen within the training session. We also provide our customers with the necessary forms so that they can keep track of their inspections, maintenance and responsibility waivers.

We provide checks in order to guarantee that the staff members perform, follow and understand established instructions, work procedures, and safety measures.

The following is a simplified outline of the training course we teach. We encourage anybody that still doesn’t have a training program to contact us for more information on how to implement one.

1- Knowledge and use / adjustment of equipment

     a) Harness adjustment
     b) Helmet adjustment
     c) Tying the safety lines

2) Knowledge of security measures

     a) Management of the pulley and carabiner
     b) Back-up system

3) Knowledge of Zip line’s elements

     a) Attachment points
     b) Cable inspection

4) Communication

     a) Importance of good communication
     b) Communication channels
     c) Specified communication plan

5) Contingency Plan

     a) Common Sense ways to avoid contingencies
     b) Criteria for cancellation of activity
     c) Recognizing risky situations
     d) Avoiding risky situations

6) Rescue

     a) Knowledge of rescue equipment
     b) Use of rescue equipment
     c) Horizontal and vertical rescue

7) Zip-Line Maintenance

     a) Daily inspection
     b) Monthly inspection
     c) Knowledge of inspection forms

8) Maintenance of equipment

     a) Proper storage
     b) Cleaning of rope and harness
     c) Lubrication of pulleys and carabiners

HS Magnetic Trolley

Our US patented High Speed Magnetic Trolley is the achievement of 5 years of research and development. We have put all of our experience and technology is this revolutionary trolley and it shows!

Tested in Nepal one the steepest and one of the longest zip-line in the world...

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