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​​The Zipline Technology

The technology behind every ride, is extremely important to a safe and profitable zipline installation.  We have been working very hard over the years to develop the zipline technology we are so proud of today. This zipline technology have allowed us to build some of the most extreme zipline in the world including The Eye of the Jaguar, a 2180m zipline in Peru considered today the longest in the World

Our Eddy Current Magnetic Zipline Trolley (US Patent  2013/0327242 ) is the most technologically advanced zipline trolley available in the market to this day.  It allows us to design extreme ziplines beyond what was considered impossible not very long ago.

The patent pending Counterweight Progressive Brake or CPB, is another of our great achievements. There are very good brakes our there, talk about the Zip-Stop, but none can handle speeds like the CPB with an ease of adjustment no zipline brake has ever been able to achieve in zipline technology history. We can promise you that.

From the revolutionary Zipline Trolleys to the Magnetic Zipline Brakes going through the best cables available on the worldwide market, we manage some of the best technology to insure the safest, fastest, highest, longest and most reliable Zip-lines you can dream off.


​Patented Magnetic Trolley

Our US patented HS Magnetic Trolley is the achievement of 5 years of research and development. We have put all of our experience and technology is this revolutionary trolley and it shows!

Tested on some of the steepest and longest zip-line in the world including the Flying Dutchmen, this trolley will allow your steepest zipline to become reality.

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