The Zip-Rushâ„¢

The Zip Rushâ„¢ System is designed for steep slopes, speeds up to 140 km/h, lengths over 1 km and high throughput for maximized profitability.  

Thanks to our patent pending Progressive Counterweight Brake and the revolutionary patented High Speed Eddy Brake Trolley, this zipline system can manage steep slopes up to 45% and high speed landings up to 100 km/h.  

This extreme zipline design can also be equipped with our patent pending ZRSystem allowing to bring the equipment back on the line or even the rider himself. The choice to use this system or not is based on modus operandi and accessibility of the top and bottom sites.

No one else in the industry dispose of the technology to equal Zip-Rush's High End Commercial Zipline Safety, Reliability and Profitability. 


The Ease-Zip
The simplest and safest design

This design is the cornerstone of all our zip line designs and results from our experience and desire to improve both safety and ease of maintenance. It consists of a specially designed post with adjustable cable height...



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