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Customizing The Ride

Designing and building ziplines is an art mastered through years of experience in the field. Every professional zipline designer knows that an extensive study must be done in order to design a zipline.  This is why all our zipline have their tweaks and turns tailored to the specific needs of the topography.  

One thing our designs have all in common is the possibility to access the technology that makes the difference any time it is needed.  What if you need a faster brake, a slower trolley or a faster harness? In other words, the aces in the sleeve are necessary to make it work to perfection; and this is what we aim for.

A Field of Experience

Only a handful of zipline builders dispose of technology to equal Zip-Rush's High End Commercial Zipline safety, reliability and profitability. However, what distinguishes us from other zipline builders is the personal attention we give to all of our clients and people contacting us; in other words, you are dealing with the owner at every stage of the design, installation and training process.  

In addition, our privileged experience with International zipline design and installations has thought us to be organized and, especially, flexible (e.g. building a zipline in the US or Canada is much easier than in less developed countries).  Similarly, this ability to adapt to local realities is extremely important and is one the greatest asset when it comes to working in developed countries as well.

Safety First

Safety is not just an abstract concept for us.  It is of paramount importance during every step of design and within all aspects of operation.  All our zipline systems are designed to meet and exceed US and Canadian safety and engineering standards to ensure that our clients are provided with the safest installation possible. From the very first line we installed and over the years, we have been implementing PRCA and ACCT and Canadian CSA Ropeways Standards.

We have since then forged our very own standards by testing materials, developed partnerships with more efficient suppliers and inventing new extraordinary technologies.  When you buy with Ascensacion, you buy peace of mind.


The Ease-Zip
The simplest and safest design

This design is the cornerstone of all our zip line designs and results from our experience and desire to improve both safety and ease of maintenance. It consists of a specially designed post with adjustable cable height...



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