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ZR8 Canopy

The now improved ZR8 Canopy trolley from Zip-Rush is drop-proof, more durable than an aluminum pulley,comes with a built-in Petzl carabiner and feature replaceable polyurethane wheels and bearings for unsurpassed longevity.

Its stainless steel construction makes it resistant for repeated high-impact braking while light enough to be comfortably carried on the harness equipment loop. All parts such as wheels, bearings, shafts and carabiners are user replaceable.

Combined with polyurethane wheels that greatly reduce cable wear, the result is a great savings in replacement / maintenance costs and faster R.O.I.

Available for cable up to 16mm with possibility of 19mm in custom orders.


All parts replaceable at low cost
No more accidental drop of pulley
Stainless steel body for durability
Durable design for high impact brakes
Polyurethane wheels eliminate cable wear
Double sealed ball bearings for stability
Built-In carabiner kept in place by patent pending locking device
Back-up carabiner sits on top of pulley to further avoid friction on track cable
Choose between a Screw lock or a Ball Lock Carabiner

Capacity 5000 lbs
Cable Diameter: 9 to 19 mm (3/8"- 3/4")​
Speeds up to 40 km/h
H 132 x H 56 x W 33 (mm)
Weight: 475 g

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