Zipline Trolleys
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HS Magnetic Test


Zipline Retrieval System (ZRS)

The patent pending ZRS brings your equipment back up the line but can also take the riders up for a unique zipline system you can operate with only one staff. 

At a press of a button, the trolley will start going up until the stopp button hits the catcher block.

Two Long Life 48v Batteries interchangeable for autonomy

Electric Engine with 2 Programmable Speeds

Rated 5000 lbs
Replaceable rubber liners
Custom wheels for cables up to 19 mm

ZR8 Canopy
The now improved ZR8 Canopy trolley from Zip-Rush is drop-proof, more durable than an aluminum pulley,comes with a built-in Petzl carabiner and feature replaceable polyurethane wheels and bearings for unsurpassed longevity...


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