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The foundation of every thrilling ride lies in the crucial technology that ensures both safety and profitability in zipline installations. Over the past two decades, our dedicated efforts have culminated in the development of cutting-edge zipline technology, showcased proudly today. These advancements have empowered us to create some of the world’s most extreme ziplines, exemplified by The Eye of the Jaguar—a 2180m zipline in Peru, once hailed as the longest globally.

Our Eddy Current Magnetic Zipline Trolley (US Patent 2013/0327242) stands as the pinnacle of technological innovation in the zipline market. It enables us to design ziplines that push beyond previously deemed limits.

Another crowning achievement is our patent-pending Counterweight Progressive Brake (CPB). While other brakes, such as the Zip-Stop, are commendable, none match the CPB in handling high speeds with an unprecedented ease of adjustment—a feat unparalleled in zipline technology history.

From revolutionary Zipline Trolleys to state-of-the-art Magnetic Zipline Brakes and top-tier cables sourced globally, we integrate the finest technologies to ensure your ziplining experience is the safest, fastest, highest, longest, and most reliable adventure you could imagine.

Mach 2

The zenith of zip line technology is embodied in our second generation braking trolley, reshaping the industry over the past decade. This state-of-the-art trolley utilizes eddy current to smoothly decelerate riders along the cable, ensuring a controlled and thrilling experience. This trolley excels in efficiency, minimizing friction and noise while maintaining optimal speed control. Its advanced design prioritizes safety and provides riders with a sensation of controlled descent, akin to gracefully gliding through the air. This innovation has established itself as the gold standard, captivating thrill-seekers globally and solidifying its position as the foremost choice for those seeking the ultimate zip line adventure. 

Often copied, never equaled!

• Polyurethane wheels reduce dramatically cable wear

• Double sealed ball bearings for stability
• Durable design for high impact brakes
• Back and front anchor point for horizontal flights
• Center anchor point for sport harness
• Custom built for 3/8″ (9mm) to 3/4″ (19mm) cables 
• 6.5″ H x 11.5″ L x 2-3/4″ W

Mach 3 XT 

The Mach III is meticulously crafted for speed, providing an exhilarating bird-like sensation with its whisper-quiet wheels that virtually eliminate vibrations, noise, and cable wear. Customize your experience with options like a magnetic brake for controlled descents on steep slopes or stainless steel wheels for pushing the speed limits while making it the market’s fastest zipline trolley, boasting speeds exceeding 150 km/h. This versatile engineering marvel is entirely customizable, ensuring it meets your specific needs perfectly.Bottom line, we make sure that every single design elements of our ziplines won’t let you down. 

Dimensions: 8″ H x 17.5″ L x 2-3/4″ W

HS Magnetic

In 2013, Zip-Rush patented the groundbreaking HS Magnetic Trolley after five years of dedicated research and development—a genesis that sparked a revolution and unveiled endless possibilities. Our wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology were infused into this revolutionary trolley, evident in its exceptional performance.

Successfully tested on some of the world’s steepest and longest zip-lines, including the Flying Dutchman and Zip-Flyer Nepal, it is engineered to tackle extreme slopes once deemed impossible. The trolley features a powerful and fully adjustable Integrated Eddy Current Brake, enabling a controlled descent to manageable speeds without introducing friction, heat, or wear on the cable. This innovation significantly reduces the maintenance required to operate the ride.

Key Features:
– Rated for 5000 lbs
– Replaceable rubber liners
– Custom wheels designed for cables up to 19 mm

 Zipline Retrieval System (ZRS)


Introducing the revolutionary Zipline Retrieval System (ZRS) – a game-changer in the world of ziplining. This cutting-edge technology not only brings your equipment effortlessly back up the zipline but also offers a distinctive zipline experience by allowing riders to ascend with just one staff member.

At the simple press of a button, the electric Zipline Trolley smoothly ascends until reaching the automatic shutdown point at the catcher block. This innovative feature initiates an exhilarating descent down the line, providing an unforgettable zipline adventure for riders and streamlining operational efficiency for operators. 

The ZRS redefines zipline dynamics, offering versatility and excitement with unparalleled ease of use.

• Two Long Life 48v batteries interchangeable for endless autonomy
• Electric engine with multiple programmable speeds
• Replaceable rubber liners
• Custom wheels for cables up to 26 mm
• Weights 32 kg



Counterweight Progressive Brake


Meet the CPB Zipline Brake—an easy and safest choice in ziplining tech. Created with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind, it smoothly brings the riders from speeds as high as 120 km/h to a complete stop, without unnecessary fuss. Developed to overcome traditional brake limits, CPB offers a reliable and straightforward solution to high speed braking. 

CPB isn’t just the smoothest, fastest, and safest brake; it’s a simple solution, setting a new standard for easy and secure ziplining experiences in the industry.


Spring Pack


The Spring Pack Zipline Back-Up Brake, commonly known as EAD (Emergency Arrest Device), is a crucial safety feature. This resilient system, with its dynamic springs, ensures a secure emergency arrest, providing peace of mind during high-speed descents. Engineered for reliability, the EAD is an essential component in zipline safety protocols.

Zip-Rush Spring Pack Brake