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Zip-Rush excels in crafting zipline designs that surpass conventional norms, taking on projects often deemed unattainable by other builders.

Our expertise lies in pushing boundaries, turning challenging scenarios into exhilarating experiences with cutting-edge technologies and creative engineering. With an unwavering commitment to precision and safety, we redefine the possibilities in zipline design. Each project not only delivers excitement but serves as a testament to our dedicated pursuit of pushing the boundaries in adventure engineering.


Thoiry 900x200


The Fly-Thru™ System, meticulously crafted by Zip-Rush®, is tailored for steep slopes, boasting speeds of up to 160 km/h and lengths exceeding 1 km, ensuring high throughput for maximized profitability. Our patent-pending Progressive Counterweight Brake, along with the revolutionary US-patented HS Magnetic and the impressive Mach trolleys, empowers this zipline system to handle slopes up to 50% and high-speed landings up to 100 km/h. Operating with unparalleled ease, Zip-Rush stands as the pinnacle in high-end zipline design. No other company in the industry possesses the technology to match our High-End Commercial Zipline in terms of safety, reliability, and profitability. Ask us why.


Zip Curve 900x200

Zip-Rush, once again invites adventure park owners to elevate their offerings with the revolutionary Zip-Curve Zipline Coaster. This meticulously crafted marvel caters to your unique desires, ensuring riders an unforgettable, lifetime experience. Beyond delivering thrilling moments, Zip-Curve positions itself as a savvy investment, providing adventure park owners with affordability and a swift return on investment. Moreover, its eco-friendly design, adhering to strict installation standards, not only safeguards trees but also minimizes environmental impact—offering adventure park owners a sustainable attraction that aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious adventures.

With Zip-Curve, owners unlock the potential for increased visitor engagement, profitability, and a positive environmental legacy.

– Standard sport harness with optional prone or sitting harness
– Accommodates up to 60 riders per hour on a single track
– Minimal labor required for operation and maintenance
– High-efficiency magnetic brake trolley designed for heavy traffic
– Eco-friendly, requiring no power for the ride to function.


Ease Zip 900x200


Our simplest zip line design is born from experience and a commitment to safety and easy maintenance. It features a specially built zipline post with adjustable cable height, a horizontal tension deviation pulley, and a  10,000 lb safe working load Crosby turnbuckle secured with a secondary cable on a 45,000 lbs certified anchor. 

This design stands out for its user-friendly re-tensioning, allowing simple adjustments after phase one cable stretching phase.  During this early stage, the cable adapts to the stress and tension experienced during rides.  The user-friendly re-tensioning feature in our design acknowledges and accommodates this phase, enabling straightforward adjustments to maintain optimal tension and performance. This ensures that users can easily fine-tune the zipline after the initial stretching, contributing to a smooth and safe experience over time.

When you choose Zip-Rush, you get quality and peace of mind, surpassing safety standards globally.

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