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Where Art and Engineering Meet

At Zip-Rush, based in Quebec, Canada, we seamlessly merge art and engineering to craft state-of-the-art Zipline Systems, bringing thrilling entertainment adventures to venues globally. Our team combines design, engineering, and over two decades of expertise to deliver unparalleled experiences.

What We Offer

Unrivaled Value

As a streamlined zipline design company in Canada, we leverage efficiency to minimize overhead costs. This advantage translates into significant savings for you, ensuring a faster return on investment for your business. Our experience extends to developing countries, where we excel in delivering value while keeping costs low.


Fonctional Ziplines

Every zipline design and adventure park layout is unique. Adaptation to the environment, specific realities, and client expectations is paramount for maximizing results. At Zip-Rush, we specialize in delivering customized zipline design solutions, precisely tailored to your needs, the zipline industry, and the distinctive challenges of your location.

More Adventures

Why hire separate companies when you can have all-in-one? At Zip-Rush, we offer comprehensive solutions, from zipline design to exciting add-ons like Powerfan, modular ropes courses, human sling shots, and more. Close the deal with us for an all-inclusive experience that not only meets your needs but exceeds your imagination, all at a reasonable price.

Personnal Attention

I’m Stephan, the founder and President of Zip-Rush Int’l, the foremost zipline design company online. I believe that impeccable communication is a crucial factor in elevating your project to exceed expectations. From day one, I personally guide you through every step towards the success of your venture.

Why Hire Zip-Rush


How many zipline construction companies can say having invented the magnetic trolley, built the longest zipline in the world or led the way to safer ziplines? 


Only a handfull of zipline construction companies can build a zipline with such elevated standards but none other than us can do it with those  awesome technologies.


Passionate about nature, Zip-Rush prioritizes eco-friendly practices, preserving every branch. Our dedication ensures sustainable adventures with minimal environmental impact for future generations.


Unique zipline designs combining safety, high throughput, ease of maintenance and esthetics are tailored to your specific needs, budget and preferences.


Few zipline construction companies can boast inventing the magnetic trolley, constructing the world’s longest zipline, and pioneering advancements for safer ziplines. At Zip-Rush, we stand uniquely at the forefront of innovation and safety in the industry.


Crafting distinctive zipline designs that seamlessly blend safety, high throughput, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics. Each design is tailored to your specific needs, budget, and preferences for an unparalleled experience.


Maintaining absolute trust throughout every stage, our commitment to integrity, transparency, honesty, and ethics ensures a lasting and respectful relationship. At Zip-Rush, we genuinely care about our clients, understanding that respect is earned over the long run.

“We are determined to revolutionize the economics of the zipline industry by offering affordable zipline systems while using some of the most advanced technologies such as Magnetic and Progressive Counterweight Brakes, state-of-the-art patented High Speed Magnetic Trolleys and extensive training programs.”

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