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At Zip-Rush, we specialize in crafting bespoke adventure parks, leveraging our extensive 20+ years experience and successful completion of over 50 builds on 4 continents. Safety remains our paramount concern, influencing every facet of design and operation. Our commitment is evident in the zipline systems and parks that surpass both US and Canadian safety standards, guaranteeing installations of the utmost safety. We adhere to PRCA, ACCT, and Canadian CSA Ropeways Standards, while also establishing our unique benchmarks through rigorous material testing and strategic partnerships that enhance efficiency and introduce cutting-edge technologies.

Moreover, we enforce clear and precise guidelines for professional installers, ensuring meticulous task execution for optimal operation and the creation of even safer facilities.


Mega Swing

There is not limit yet to how high, how fast and how scary the Mega-Swing can be; this is why we like it so much here at Zip-Rush. 

We have build it outdoors and outdoors with a maximum height of up to fifteen meters and these experiences has allow us to perfect the technique and hardware used for absolute safety and reliability. 

Our next goal is to jump off a cliff no matter how high it can be. All is necessary to acheive this goal is to find the site. Would you be the first to jump? 



The_POWERFAN is a highly engineered machine manufactured by Dropzone (UK) Ltd is able to provide the freefall adventure of your life, in safety and without needing to deploy a parachute or strap yourself by the ankle to a bungee cord! 

Technically it is a device that will safely and repeatedly control a person’s descent, dissipating the potential energy by means of a fan. The fan is driven only by the descending person’s mass and does not require an external power source. The POWERFAN® enables users to make a very rapid descent whilst ensuring a gentle landing. It is designed for use in either a recreational or developmental environment, under the supervision of a competent operator.

Each POWERFAN incorporates an integral rewind mechanism to ensure a fast and efficient recall and the machine is so efficient that a through-put of one person every minute is perfectly feasible. There is also a counter to regulate servicing and maintenance schedules. Furthermore installation, inspection and maintenance can be carried out by any competent person, in-house or otherwise. 

Ropes Courses

Ropes Course 165x125

Ropes Courses are the perfect match to a Zipline tour or as stand alone. It will add two or even three hours to your tour and increase your incomes dramatically.  We offer you ropes courses in trees, utility poles or in metal post. You can choose from hundreds of different configurations… the only limit is your imagination.

Zip-Rush always focuses on safety throughout every phase of design and execution of a project. We strictly adheres to the standards maintained by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and the Professional Ropes Course Association (PRCA).  We go even further by setting up our own of product tests and procedures, seeking out the highest quality of suppliers available and originating new safety techniques.


Little Climber 165 x 125

Climbing structure are a great addition to any zipline and/or rope course operation. Equipped with the TrueBlue Auto-Belay, it is now possible to operate up to 4 routes with only one operator, bringing down the return of investment to a very short period. 

They have many different uses: from team and individual challenge, serve as a launch for a ziplines or a Powerfan and  are designed and engineered to the meet the specific need and goals of client.

Climbing structures can be installed outdoors and indoors, to best utilize resources already on site and to add revenues. A multi-activities climbing structure can easily become the focus point of your adventure park. 

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