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Where it all starts…

Beyond your time, investing resources in a zipline project without professional insights and a preliminary cost estimate can lead to unforeseen challenges. We prioritize transparency, ensuring you understand feasibility and potential budget implications before committing to a site visit or survey, distinguishing us from less transparent competitors.


Every Zip-Rush project initiates with a virtual feasibility study. Share GPS coordinates, launching/landing locations using Google Earth Placemarks, and provide details about the project concept, timeline, and any pertinent information. We’ll then furnish a detailed cost estimate, covering flat-rate honoraries, site work, materials, PPE, and more. Simultaneously, we welcome images and descriptions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding. This stage is ideal for discussing additional activities like Ropes Courses, Climbing Structures, Giant Swings, Powerfan, Human Sling Shot, and more. Your imagination sets the limit.

CHECKLIST: Coordinates – Pictures – Timeline – Description

Site Visit and Survey

For the ultimate precision in design and quoting, a site visit is essential. While rare exceptions exist, optimal outcomes result from a preliminary site visit before the design phase. We will evaluate your site, suggesting ideal zipline and activity locations. Collaborating with a pre-arranged surveyor, we measure the entire span, inputting data into AutoCAD to simulate the cable’s catenary curve, assess clearance, and determine cable tension force. This comprehensive catenary study informs crucial design considerations, such as cable size, landing space layout, and trolley and brake choices.

At this juncture, armed with all necessary information, you can make an informed decision on engaging us for design, engineering, installation, training, and support. Typically, site visits incur no charges. However, we kindly request coverage for travel expenses and a modest fixed fee (location-dependent) to offset general travel-related costs, ensuring a smooth and thorough process.